What does it take to be a "Leader" ~ Program Participant?

Leaders show up

Our successful Leaders show up for our training, they show up to meet with their Uplines (Mentor*) and they show up when there’s a living wage opportunity.  Showing up has changed our leader’s lives. We believe it will change yours too.

Leaders commit to:

  • 8 1/2 weeks of boot camp. Two sessions a week –  three hours per session.
  • Weekend Retreat  (Where you’re paired up with an Upline.)
  • Runway to Success. Ongoing one-on-one meetings with your Uplines while pursuing your personal goals and objectives.  

Leaders build and utilize a network

You ever heard “It’s not what you know but who you know that makes you successful”?  At UR Chicago we believe it’s both. UR Chicago is committed to making sure you get the skills and education you need to get a fulfilling living wage job, but we’re also committed to providing you with a network that can open up even more opportunities. UR Chicago can provide you an ongoing and ever-expanding network of relationships so that whatever your goal is we can reach out to someone who can help you achieve it.

Ready to get started?

2023 Cohorts


  • Cohort #18/19 - TBD (Jan 2024)
  • Cohort #16/17 - Oct 17th - Dec 15th (Registration Closed)  
  • Cohort #14/15 - Completed