What does it take to be an 'Upline" ~ Mentor*?

Uplines are trained Up.

Your commitment to being an Upline starts with a commitment to being trained. All Uplines are required to attend 6 of our Leader’s Bootcamp sessions on Tuesday and Thursday Nights as well as our weekend retreat at the end of Bootcamp.  We understand that scheduling is a challenge and so we offer you the flexibility of choosing 6 of our 16 sessions over the course of the Leader’s Bootcamp.   All Uplines are also trained to facilitate our TIP curriculum (Transforming Impossible to Possible) with their Leader (mentee).    We encourage all of our Uplines to take our Ending Poverty classes- offered at various times and various locations throughout the year. 

Uplines Are Paired UP.

You will be paired up with your leader at our weekend retreat.

Uplines Point Up

We have learned that the most successful Uplines are those who acknowledge their own weaknesses and struggles.  Excellent Uplines don’t pull Leaders up to their level, they stand beside them and point up to the Christ of the Gospel.

Uplines Show Up

Uplines commit to meet with their Leaders at least twice a month and at least once a week with a phone call. We will equip you with our TIP curriculum to help facilitate the earlier one-on-one sessions with your Leader (mentee).   Successful Uplines jump into life with their Leaders and keep doing so again and again and again.

Uplines are Built Up

We offer ongoing support to our Uplines.  This includes -weekly conference calls, case management assistance for your Leader and printed resources for referrals. We do a weekly open-mic and other UR Chicago events where you can connect with Staff and veteran Uplines.    

Ready to get started?

2023 Cohorts


  • Cohort #18/19 - TBD (Jan 2024)
  • Cohort #16/17 - Oct 17th - Dec 15th (Registration Closed)  
  • Cohort #14/15 - Completed