Providing access to living-wage income opportunities through job readiness, training, and long-term mentorship.

“I want to see families resurrecting out of poverty, owning their own homes and businesses, making disciples of their children, and becoming contributors to their community and to the local church. This is what it means for us as an organization to succeed. This is what it means for Chicago to succeed.”

- Kevin Taylor

Native of Cabrini Green Projects and Program Director of UR Chicago

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UR Chicago Alliance is a faith based work development program that unites and mobilizes churches, community organizations and businesses to provide access to living-wage opportunities and long-term support through a network of Christ-centered relationships.

2021 Cohorts

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cohorts are conducted virtually via Zoom until further notice.

  • Cohort #11 - January 20 - March 2 
  • Cohort #12 - April 7 - May 26
  • Cohort #13 - June 23 - August 4 
  • Cohort #14 - September 15 - November 3


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